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A tried and tested process for financial security – We take the time to find out about you, your dreams and aspirations…

Step 1 - Discovery Meeting

What does money mean to you? What are your long term goals? We want to hear your story. The discovery meeting is a chance for us to get to know each other and see if we can work together going forward. This meeting is at our expense as it is important we get the chance to make sure the relationship is right for you and FMB.

Step 2 - Fact Find and Risk Profiling

We need to know all about your aspirations and what you hope to achieve with your life before we can get your money working to the best advantage to help you achieve those dreams. In order to do that, we need to get as much information about you as we can to build up a picture. This includes the facts about you as well as the things that are harder to identify such as how you feel about risk. For some of this we use questionnaires, but more importantly we can find out by listening to you and asking the right questions.

Step 3 – Planning

The next stage in the process is the creation of your Financial Plan. Depending on your needs this could range from a short report to a full financial plan using cashflow modelling technology. The plan may include an investment strategy and steps to minimise tax consequences. The charge for this varies depending on the complexity of the plan, but we will make this clear before we proceed with the research and creation of your bespoke plan. This charge mainly applies to new clients, but could be applied to existing clients who need advice on a new area which wasn’t included in their original plan.

A large part of our work involves researching and assessing your needs and for this we do make a charge.

Step 4 – Provide Education

Before we go any further we will talk you through our recommendations and make sure you fully understand the course of action we are about to take. This is where it is especially important that we have got the initial steps in place so we know what we are proposing is right for each client.

Step 5 – Implementation

Once you are happy to proceed, we can implement the component parts of your Financial Plan, or in the case of an existing client, make any changes recommended as part of a plan review. This implementation fee is charged according to the level of funds involved on a sliding scale and is detailed in our Service Standards. We deal with all the paperwork and liaise with all the companies and other professionals involved on your behalf.

Step 6 – Monitor Progress

Once your plan has been implemented you can be assured you will not be left high and dry. Our client charter ensures you are in safe hands. For us to deliver this service you will pay an on-going fee so that you can be sure we are keeping track of your Financial Plan all the time. You have peace of mind knowing things are taken care of. If you are worried or need a second opinion just pick up the phone. The on-going fee is based on a percentage of your funds under management and is detailed in each of our Service Standards.

We will meet regularly to discuss any changes to your circumstances. It is important to make sure we know about everything that could affect your attitude to risk or have an impact on the plan. The number of times we meet during the year is determined by your Service Standard.

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Our clients say…

  • Despite dealing with corporate and financial issues FMB manages to retain a friendly family feel.

Notices and promotions

  • Protecting you

    Every client has individual needs. We have a range of specialist services to suit your circumstances or situation:

    • Financial health check
    • Planning for retirement
    • Lifetime cash-flow modelling
    • Wealth management
    • Inheritance tax planning
    • Family trusts
    • Portfolio design and construction service
    • Lifetime mortgage (a type of equity release)
    • Long term care planning
    • Life and critical illness cover

    We can also arrange mortages through a third party.

  • Protecting your business

    We really understand the unique nature of family, farming and hospitality businesses in Cumbria. Many of our business clients have involved several generations of one family. Use our expertise to protect the long-term future of your business, such as:

    • Key person insurance - protect your business Profits, Loans and Ownership
    • Shareholder Protection Insurance
    • Employee benefits
    • Medical Insurance
    • Income Protection
    • Help with new employer responsibilities for Pensions
    • Specialist taxation knowledge
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