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Managing your finances can be a bewildering experience and often, there is so much jargon that it is hard to know what’s right for you.

That’s what we’re here for. Over our 25 years of experience, we’ve dealt with just about every family, personal or business financial situation you can possibly imagine. So you know that you’re in safe hands.

Our friendly and approachable team of financial planners are able to provide you with peace of mind that you need and make sure that, no matter what happens, you never feel lost in the woods.


We all wish we could spin straw into gold, but in reality financial security boils down to careful planning. Our role is to help you manage your investments and financial affairs so you can build wealth, enjoy life and achieve financial security – at a level of risk that suits you.

Retired professionals

Once you get to retirement you don’t want to worry about money. You have spent your whole working life accumulating; you need the reassurance of knowing that the nest egg you have worked so hard for is protected. Our cashflow modelling software can provide you with peace of mind by establishing how much you can afford to spend so that you will not run out of money.


Although traditionally men may have made the financial decisions in a household, we make no assumptions about people’s personal or financial arrangements. The statistics show that the number of divorces is on the rise and with women also more likely to outlive their husbands, we are seeing more and more women taking responsibility over their finances.

We do not assume women will want to meet with a female financial planner, but if they do, half of our planners are women. So at least we can offer the choice, which is surprisingly rare in financial services!

Business owners

Many of our clients own or manage a business and as a family-owned business ourselves, we know just how demanding it can be. We’re passionate about corporate financial planning and we definitely practice what we preach. We know personally how much value employee benefits, pensions and business protection can add to your business.


Unsurprisingly, given our healthy visitor economy, hotels and guest houses make up a significant proportion of our corporate clients. Within the hospitality industry, we understand that auto-enrolment can prove a headache for HR managers due to staff turnover and fluctuating work patterns. We can use our expertise in this area to remove the hassle for you and support you every step of the way.


We have developed a close relationship with Cumbria’s tight-knit farming community over the years. Some of our very first clients back in 1987 were farmers, so we have a great understanding of farming businesses and have dealt with every possible area of advice that they might need. Our farming clients often require taxation advice when disposing of land and property or Shareholder Protection to ensure that their business is protected should the worst happen.

Typically farming businesses are passed down to younger generations of the family. In these situations Inheritance Tax advice may be required as, although Agricultural Property Relief was previously a given, we are hearing of more and more farmers being left with a hefty tax bill due to a HMRC clamp down.

We are able to work with your accountant to ensure that all aspects affecting your business’ finance has been covered.

Our clients say…

  • Andrew has been very supportive during a difficult time for my family. Thanks to Andrew our mother is in a much better place than she was a year ago. Andrew has a professional, calming manner and my mother enjoys very much dealing with him and she trusts his advice. He has also kept myself and my brother up-to-date with what he is doing and checks that we are happy with his decisions which takes the burden off us being so far away.

  • FMB gave me confidence, trust and hope, through their financial planning and guidance.

  • I feel an affiliation with FMB, I’m more at ease with a smaller family firm where I know people. I have a rapport with my planner and I can talk about my feelings and my worries without feeling patronised.

  • My financial planner instils a feeling of trust and knowledge, and always takes whatever time is necessary to ensure you understand and are happy with the advice.

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