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  • 27 March 2018

    Our Business IS our Pension...

    By FMB

    Over the years I have often heard the phrase ‘Our Business is our Pension’. This is usually said with great pride, in fact, as I write this, a vision of a business owner with his thumbs in his braces (about chest height) with his chest puffed out has just entered my head, and now, no doubt yours! I am sure this is said with great sincerity, as well as pride, as most

  • 03 March 2018

    Auto-enrolment ramps up

    By FMB

    We're sure you are well aware that next month both employee and employer contributions to auto-enrolment pension schemes are set to rise.

    Employer duties have been introduced gradually. The initial  minimum contribution was introduced at 2 per cent of a worker's pay. This will rise gradually to 8 per cent. The dates for the increases to 5 per cent and 8 per cent are April

  • Owing to our location in the beautiful Lake District, it isn't surprising that many of our corporate clients are in the hospitality/tourism industry. When I visit businesses in this sector for appointments with their staff members, more often than not, they are dressed in uniform or clothing bearing their employer’s logo. In these meetings, we discuss the benefits package

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