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  • Currently the Health Secretary Matt Hancock is lobbying the Chancellor Phillip Hammond to look at waiving the Lifetime Allowance on NHS pensions, specifically a problem for high earners such as Doctors.

    Why is this a problem?

    There is a limit to how much money you can save in a pension both in a year and again in a lifetime. The NHS pension is a defined benefit scheme

  • Just a couple of weeks ago a friend pointed out a Facebook advert to me. It was titled “Marks Money Matters”. It was advertising a fixed rate ISA with a return of 8%... I wonder how many people have just read that and thought, “ooh that sounds like a good deal, I’ll have a look”? I really hope your reaction was that of a healthy cynic. It sounds too good to be true right?

  • 22 February 2019

    Do Awards Really Matter?

    By FMB

    The accolades after winning awards is great, but we know it’s only a temporary glow.

    You may have noticed we’ve been squeezing every last bit of PR value out of our recent win at the Professional Adviser awards. Of course we are really proud and it’s nice to get recognition but the fact of the matter is, without great customer service, any reputation can be easily

  • 13 February 2019

    2019 Professional Adviser Award Winners

    By FMB

    We are ecstatic to have walked away with not one but TWO awards from the 2019 Professional Adviser Awards in London last Thursday.

    We always think it is an incredible achievement when we are shortlisted for the various awards that we enter, however, when we are competing nationally against some much larger organisations, we never like to get our hopes up. So, you can

  • 08 January 2019

    Filling the Advice Gap

    By FMB

    Has financial advice changed since the Retail Distribution Review in 2012?

    This year the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is set to review the RDR 6 years after the sweeping changes to our services were introduced.

    Undoubtedly there have been many positives. The uplift in minimum qualifications for Advisers has brought increased professionalism and the link between

  • Roger Jackson has now gained Chartered Financial Planner status from the Chartered Institute of Insurance. This level 6 award is essentially degree level and goes far beyond the minimum level of qualification to practise as an independent financial adviser.  Roger can add this to his roster of titles, as he is already a  Certified Financial Planning Professional via the

  • In our latest monthly investment update for September 2018, we look at how investment markets, global economy and commodity prices are performing.

    The FTSE 100 index of leading UK company shares finished August at 7,432.42 points, down from 7,748.76 points at the end of July. This represents a fall of 316.34 points or 4.08% during the month.

    The fall in the value of the

  • For those of you who like to know about the nuts and bolts our technical briefing looks at economic conditions driving investment decisions for fund managers...

    Global dividends paid to shareholders rose by 12.9% in the second quarter of the year to reach a record $497.4bn.

    The growth in global dividends means payments to shareholders comfortably exceeded analyst

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