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Why do you have to charge fees? I never used to have to pay for Financial Advice.

Since 2012, due to changes in regulation, we must agree fees with our clients rather than take commission directly from product providers. We always received payment, just in another form. We believe this is far more transparent and in the best interests of the client so you can see exactly what you are paying for.

Why do I need to pay for an ongoing service? I don’t pay my solicitor a retainer.

We are a professional industry like Accountants and Solicitors, although we operate in a different way. Unlike those professions, we have an ongoing relationship with our clients. We are not just working when we see you; FMB will manage the components of your plan every day of the year. We believe our ongoing fee represents good value for money and gives you peace of mind.

What if I want to meet with my Planner more than once a year?

We have different levels of service depending on your circumstances. Some of these include additional meetings. If you require meetings above and beyond your service level, these can be arranged for an additional charge.

How does it work, how do I pay the fees?

Most new clients pay their first plan fee by cheque or bank transfer. This needs to be paid before work commences. Once you decide to become a client it is usual for the implementation fee and the ongoing fees to be released from your investments, but for some it is preferable to pay the fees directly so that they can obtain maximum growth from their portfolio. We can make arrangements to invoice the ongoing fee on a regular basis for you if desired which can be paid by standing order.

What if I don’t need all these appointments?

Our Service Standards are tailored to meet our clients’ needs, and we believe that you do need a certain level of contact with your planner in order to keep your plan on track. However, it may be preferable to have the same amount of time with your planner on the telephone rather than face to face. We can also hold meetings by Skype if this suits you!

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