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We’re really excited about our brand re-launch which has been 6 months in the making. This year is our 25th year in business and the secret to our success is to constantly look at ways to improve our service. It’s been a long time since we’ve looked at how we communicate about our company with clients and consumers though, and it’s long overdue!

You may think of our green maze logo as being an integral part of FMB but it wasn’t always so – the original branding was blue! Looking back at old letter headings and logos was a blast from the past, a bit like looking through old family albums – the fashions change but the message is the same. FMB is here to guide, educate and give honest advice.

A lot of thought has gone into our new look, which is designed to represent our values and philosophy. It was an interesting process with local firm, The Creative Branch, giving us inspiration and translating our thoughts into a beautiful and classic theme of fairytales; the underlying message being expert guidance from uncertainty to safety.

We hope you like the finished results, nothing has changed at FMB; some of the team have been here for most of the 25 years, but we feel (rather like a new outfit) our exciting rebrand helps us give the best first impression possible.

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