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At FMB we believe in developing our staff to reach their highest level of potential as we consider this to give the client the experience they deserve when dealing with our company.

When you recognise the potential of a person and you help them develop their skills they can and will be willing to work at their highest levels of ability.

The key is to identify the skills the employee has that they are interested in developing even further. If these skills can be applied in the workplace then you need to help them maximise their potential. Why not get everything you can get out of an employee? Developing their skills will help you achieve this.

We carry out performance reviews annually to look at how each employee has developed over the past 12 months, whether or not their training plan has been completed and any new training needs for the year ahead. Performance improvement is always a benefit to employee development. When your employees attend training courses and classes they come back with new knowledge they can apply to their job. Not only does this mean that they are more capable of doing their job and require less help but they should also be more versatile within their job role and willing to take on more responsibilities too.

Providing employees with training not only makes them feel important but they will also appreciate that you care about their performance and their capabilities. For your employee to feel valued within the workplace and for them to recognise that you are willing to invest money into their capabilities should act as a great form of motivation, encouraging them to work well and achieve higher levels in their position and share their new found knowledge to the company’s advantage.

Employee development brings many benefits to a business which I believe supersedes the cost. Training benefits a business by motivating employees, improving performance, and maximising potential.

At FMB we feel that a well-trained, motivated employee is a great asset. They will understand the reasons why they are doing a specific task and are more likely to pick up errors before they become a problem. This increases productivity and provides great customer service to our clients.

As the HR Director I get great satisfaction of seeing the development of the staff, and see them grow as a person and learn new skills along the way. We are not a huge employer so can’t provide the additional benefits that larger organisations can offer, but we believe that being more than a number, and being valued is more important and gives them an increased job satisfaction if they know that they’ve done a job well.

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