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This week I went to see the new Ewan McGregor film, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, a bizarre notion with a far-fetched plot. Very simply, a wealthy Sheik who enjoys the art of salmon fishing decides it would be a good idea to introduce the sport to the tiny republic of Yemen on the southern shores of the Arabian Peninsula.

He assembles a team of experts to bring his plan to fruition, but the idea of salmon being able to swim freely in the desert is dismissed by all and sundry, including the fisheries expert played by Ewan McGregor.

Essentially, the Sheik sells his idea to a select number of people who can help him to achieve it in spite of all the difficulties, both real and imagined. He knows that by finding the right people, with the right skills, he will succeed.

As I sat and watched the plot unfold I realised that the message was, “If you find and trust the right people to help you – you can fulfil your dreams”. As a Financial Planner, that thought struck a chord with me; no matter how difficult the current circumstances may be, if you look in the right places there are always opportunities. You just have to be able to recognise them.

At Financial Management Bureau we have seen the financial threats and opportunities which have occurred over the last 25 years and helped many investors achieve their objectives.

We believe that your lifestyle plan is more important than the money, which after all is only a tool to help you achieve your ambitions. Why not come and speak to us and tell us your hopes and fears and let us help you make a real difference to your life.

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