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What with blogs, tweets and texts I sometimes wonder if talking on the actual telephone will be obsolete one day! Talking, listening and thinking are a big part of my job; and not necessarily in that order.

I often think about the younger generation (does that make me old?!) and their lack of planning and reluctance to save for the future. If we look forward 50 years, will there even be a state pension? Will their NEST contributions be enough? (By the way, NEST is the latest Government initiative on pensions which makes employer and employee contributions compulsory, unless you opt out of course!)

Why is it that society doesn’t seem to want to address the fact that there are many more people retiring than people joining the working population? If the state pension is abolished or even just diluted, will people ever be able to afford to retire?

We can help you review your plans and see how your retirement provision is shaping up, or maybe you want to involve the younger generations of your family in thinking about their future- it's never to soon to start!

I will leave you with an interesting mental picture: a 120 year old working on the tills at your local supermarket. If that doesn’t get us saving, nothing will!

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