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jumping hurdle

With the British Bouldering championships taking place over the weekend of the 7th and 8th of July at the Cliffhanger Event in Sheffield, it is worth bearing in mind that these competitors are top athletes who have had to endure many set backs and clear many a hurdle to get to where they are now.

You are probably thinking what this has this got to do with life insurance for people who take part in hazardous pursuits?

Well those unenviable people who have had to try and arrange this themselves will say that they have had to endure many set backs, such as the insurer they were using didn’t fully understand the sport. Having to jump hurdles, completing questionnaires about their sport that didn’t make sense and to top it all charging an excessive monthly premium.

By using our service you can be assured of a hassle free and understanding approach.

We have the experience to understand your sport and to source competitively priced insurance for your individual circumstances.

Let us remove the set backs and hassle for you.

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