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In previous blogs I have talked about our specialist services in general but this time I wanted to share with you a case study.

Mr S approached us at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival in November last year; he is a Rope Access Technician and was seeking our assistance to protect his income in the event he couldn’t do his job through sickness or accident.

The usual story unfolded, he couldn’t for the want of trying, get cover from the mainstream insurers who viewed his job as an extreme risk. Mr S completed various application forms and questionnaires for the insurers and the best they could come up with was a large increase in his monthly premium and the worst was that his job was completed excluded from the cover, utterly pointless!

After taking a few details of Mr S’s job and salary details we sourced income protection cover for him within a matter of hours.

After a simple application process he had the cover he needed without any increase in the monthly premium and with no exclusions to his cover.

You may be aware that we donate a proportion of our fee to Mountain Rescue, Mr S decided that the Ambleside MRT should be beneficiary of this donation and we have gladly donated this to them.

This situation is not unusual for people who have so called "dangerous jobs" or hobbies and the lack of understanding from the mainstream insurers is clear to see. By using our specialist services you receive a common sense approach to your search for cover with regard to your job or hobby.

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