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Well, we are into the New Year, most people have reflected on the last twelve months and are looking to the year to come and the opportunities and experiences that lie ahead.

As usual, 2013 was a roller coaster of a year with some truly memorable moments (both for good and bad reasons). We went from the lows of the Algerian hostage crisis, the brutal murder of Lee Rigby on the streets of London, chemical attacks in Syria, Typhoon Haiyan and, most recently, the death of Nelson Mandela. But for all the lows there were plenty of highs; the birth of a new Royal Heir, the sporting achievements of Andy Murray, Chris Froome, Mo Farrer and the England Victory in the Ashes (which turned out to be short lived), and of course the city of Hull being awarded the honour of City of Culture 2014 – proving there’s hope for us all yet!

Of course we all had our own personal ups and downs in 2013 and it came and went far too quickly. So it’s time to leave it behind and say hello to 2014. Most of us start the year with the best intentions – this year I’m going to do things differently. This is the year I’m going to lose weight/get fit/start a hobby. In a lot of cases it’s to sort my finances out/start planning for my future. And the truth is that most of us fail to do any of the things we set off to do. Before you know it, another year is over and you are no nearer achieving your goals.

What do you need to do to make things different this year? What do you need to do to make sure you take the bull by the horns and make it happen? Help? Support? Motivation? Because if that’s what you need to help you sort your finances and plan for your future, then that is something we can help you with.

The starting point is looking at your finances as they stand today, to see if they are fit for purpose and working as well as they can for you. We then look to the future, your future – what does that look like, what kind of life do you want, what’s most important to you? When we have this information we work out how the finances fit into this picture? Will you be able to achieve these goals with the finances you have? What needs to change to make it happen? We will work with you to put a plan in place to make the make it happen. We know that life changes, so we monitor the plan on a regular basis to make sure it’s still on track.

Most people don’t seek help with their finances until they have no choice and sometimes that is too late. So why not act today, act on your resolutions and finish 2014 in a better place than what you started.

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