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Life has changed a lot for me and my family in the last year. Baby Charlotte is a beautiful, if somewhat noisy, addition to our family.

I was always confident that we could manage no matter what, but having a baby makes you look at things in a whole new light. We had to think about protecting our family should one of us die or be diagnosed with a serious illness.

It’s not easy budgeting when you suddenly go from a salary to the princely sum of £136.78 (statutory maternity pay) each week to live off and so we had to assess our expenditure and look at balancing what we could afford with what we could not afford to be without.

I personally have always had life and critical illness cover, but knowing that we didn’t have any for my husband, Alan, I found myself contemplating the ‘what if’ scenarios in life. Could I cope with a toddler and a teenager to look after if something happened to him?

After some discussion, we decided that a lump sum in the event of Alan’s death or diagnosis of a critical illness would really help. It would at least pay for childcare for us, so that I could continue to work.

Now all I have to do is budget for a soundproof room to hide in when my kids throw their inevitable tantrums!

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