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It has been just over a month now since we were handed the keys to our first ‘proper’ house… and what a month it has been!

I (naïvely) assumed that the stress of buying a house was far behind us, but I was definitely wrong. I have no idea how we managed to accumulate so much stuff, but the process of packing, ferrying and unpacking 10 van loads of assorted possessions isn’t something I’d want to repeat in a hurry. Apparently I had my priorities all wrong as the first thing I wanted to sort out were our Christmas decorations – unfortunately these had to wait a few days!

Braving the world of expenditure sheets…

I didn’t realise how reckless I could be with money, especially when it came to buying things for the house. I couldn’t seem to go for a pint of milk without being lured into Next for another ‘look round’. I think I could open a shop of my own with the number of photo frames and candle holders that I have accrued over the last few months!

As we now have a few additional things to pay for such as mortgage protection and house insurance, I thought it would be a good idea to fill out an expenditure sheet to monitor our incomings and outgoings to assist us with the transition (and my impulsive splurges!).

“It’s surprising how such a simple task can allow you to get a grasp on where your money is going.”

I’ve never really been very good at budgeting, but it’s surprising how such a simple task can allow you to get a grasp on where your money is going so there aren’t any nasty surprises when you check your bank at the end of the month.

Filling out the budget planner has even allowed us to realistically budget for our ‘rainy day fund’ and set aside some money for some home/garden improvements in the not too distant future.

We’re looking forward to having more to put away in our savings pot…

Looking back I wish I had filled one of these out sooner and got started on our ‘rainy day fund’ a bit earlier but it’s live and learn I guess.

If I could pass on one piece of advice to you, it would be to fill out one of the attached planners for yourself now. Everybody needs to budget – not just the first-time buyers. You might just surprise yourself at how much that morning coffee (and muffin - but nobody needs to find out about that do they!) on the way to work costs you each month.

Get on top of your finances now…

Download our Budget Planner PDF by clicking on the link under ‘downloads’ below. Alternatively, email me if you would like a functional Excel spreadsheet which will do all the hard work and calculate it all for you. It really is that simple!

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