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There are some important changes happening at FMB at the moment that we are very excited about.

The main change is that we are implementing a new back office system. This system holds all of our client details as well as creating portfolio valuation reports and storing all communications – amongst many other things. Our current system has been in place for almost two decades (with many updates of course) and, we feel it is gradually becoming outdated.

As a company, FMB strives to provide our clients with the best service possible and after some deliberation, towards the end of 2014 it was decided that a new back office installation was essential.

We believe that change is necessary to remain a forward-thinking and successful business, with both happy clients and staff.

Choosing our next system was not a quick or easy task. After masses of research and testing, our management team decided that Intelliflo (Intelligent Office) was the right system for us. Our ‘go live’ date with the new system is 1st July 2015. Fortunately, I shall be on holiday that day, at a Fleetwood Mac Concert!

Now the appropriate system has been selected; the work doesn’t stop there, unfortunately. A number of staff are regularly attending training sessions and are heavily involved in the preparation work which includes:

  • Testing the line capacity
  • Data cleansing
  • System configuration
  • Defining system roles
  • Staff training plans
  • Designing letters and several forms with FMB’s logo

Intelliflo will provide us with much greater flexibility and functionality; allowing us to deliver more detailed information to our clients and present it in a format that our clients want. The system is much more integrated than what we have currently, meaning it will be much more efficient and accurate as the information can be pulled from one main source as opposed to multiple sources.

Everybody at FMB is extremely enthusiastic about the change; myself included, and seeing the dramatic improvements that the system will have on FMB processes and even day-to-day work – 1st July just can’t come quick enough.

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