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We have taken a conscious decision over the last few years to use local suppliers where possible. We understand that national firms bring employment to the region too, but as an independent Kendal business we need people to trust that local can be just as good as national and sometimes even better.

We’re lucky enough to have a stable economy in South Lakes with unemployment significantly below the national average. That’s not to say we don’t have our challenges, but how can a firm like ours help? For a start, we employ 37 local people, but we can do more than that.

We have been using local suppliers more consciously over the last few years. It’s surprising just how many services you use as a business and the majority can be found right on your doorstep. From design to pest control, from catering to security, how does this really help though? When you are a local independent, you can be more flexible in order to help your business survive even when the going gets tough. I think it’s the strength of our SMEs that meant this area got off relatively lightly during the recession in terms of employment at least. You can’t deny the huge influence of massive employers like BAE systems and Asda for example, but what I’m saying is we need a healthy mix of both. We support local because we want to encourage that healthy mix.

But can we really find the services we require on our doorstep? We’re in a specialist sector and inevitably, for some of the financial expertise we require, we have to look further afield. But generally it’s easy to find excellent quality services right here in Cumbria, and that’s what we want. SERVICE! Excellent customer service is much easier for small local companies to get right, and that is where the SMEs like us will excel. Not where cheapest matters, but where service is paramount.

So, because of this desire to support local business and our local economy, we have joined The Brewery Business Club. In doing so, we support the Brewery Arts Centre and all the other members by spreading the word about their great businesses. It’s a growing, vibrant community and a great idea to merge the creative arts with business to further promote the sustainability of a wonderful local resource. As part of our sponsorship, we will be holding some competitions on social media to win tickets for the Brewery Cinema so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to join in!


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