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Our team before we started The Ullswater Way
Caption: Our team before we started The Ullswater Way
Me enjoying some much needed flat ground
Caption: Me enjoying some much needed flat ground
Stunning views over Ullswater
Caption: Stunning views over Ullswater
All still smiling! (L-R) Katie, Kelly, Dan, Helen, Ali, Alyson, Chris and Phoebe
Caption: All still smiling! (L-R) Katie, Kelly, Dan, Helen, Ali, Alyson, Chris and Phoebe

Why walk 24 miles? My husband thinks I am mad, but along with 15 other colleagues from FMB I took part in the Ullswater Way Challenge at the weekend. The event was organised by Nav4 Adventure and takes in the newly opened circular route around Ullswater as well as some additional high level sections that really add to the fun and diversity of the walk.

There were times during the day when I felt really challenged and at the edge of my physical capability but it was all worth it. Here’s why we encourage our staff to take part in these kind of madcap adventures:

  • Setting yourself a physical challenge for some point in the future (and I mean actually booking it and committing to it), really does make you up your game and do more exercise. We think that’s a good thing for our team… we want them to be healthy and well. They don’t look that well right now but in the long term they will thank us for it
  • We had a shared experience and made memories that we will remember forever as a team; some good, some bad (thankfully the weather was kind this time, but don’t ask the ones who did the Keswick to Barrow in 2014!)
  • We got out in the beautiful Lake District for a whole day, what’s not to like about that? The Autumn colours were stunning, I love that feeling where you can smell bracken and moss on your clothes when you get home. Put that in a bottle Lancôme!
  • MD Liz Beavis, reminded me en-route, “You really appreciate the little things when you do something like this.” She’s right; you are so grateful for that piece of flapjack at the check point, the point where we went onto grass after a mile of rock, that hot bath at the end and the feeling of being so overwhelmingly tired that you sleep like a baby.
  • Working as a team; making sure everyone has the support they need at the time when they need it. Keeping your spirits up with silly jokes and idle chit chat…for 10 hours! We still liked each other at the end as well.
  • The sense of satisfaction when you look back and say, flipping heck I really did walk THAT far!
  • The banter you have when you’re back in the office about how big your blisters are and how everyone looks in their slippers!

So what’s next?

Well, I didn’t get to walk the Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks last year due to a chest infection so a few of us are thinking of having another crack at that. But you know what, it really doesn’t matter what the challenge is, as long as we keep on having the challenge. As "America's Marathon Man", Jerry Dunn, quite rightly says, "Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits!"

That’s what counts.

If you would like to see all of our pictures from the day, check out the album on our FMB Facebook Page HERE.

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