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As we run up to Christmas, I have been talking about gifts with my children. My eldest daughter is beginning to understand the joy of giving as well as receiving and it’s lovely to see. She went off to school for the last day of term with a bag of treats for the girls in her class. They were just bits and bobs she made; pom poms, loom bands, rubbers etc. but what was delightful was the time she took to write each label.

“To my amazing friend, here are some sticky notes to write all your ideas.”
“To my brilliant friend, here are some pens so you can do your fantastic artwork.”

She had taken the time to personalise each label with her friend’s special skills and compliment them. But what was so great was the excitement she clearly felt about giving them…

If only giving remained such a simple delight!

As we get older it becomes more complicated. We like to give to our children and it’s nice to help them while we can still be around to watch them enjoy it.

Here are some doubts we hear from our clients…

“I’m not sure they will spend it wisely.”
“I want to give but what happens if they get divorced?”
“I want to help them, but I’m not sure I’ve got enough for my own future.”
“I want to give but what about tax?”

A financial planner can help you with all of those conundrums, provide a listening ear and help you give in a way that suits you and your family. You can feel all the joy of giving without the worry!

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