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With the news currently being dominated by economic and political events I thought I would write a somewhat more light-hearted blog for this week about something completely different.

One of the benefits of living and working in the South Lakes is that we have the Lake District national park right on our doorstep. For those who like to enjoy a good fell walk we have access to numerous fells from countless paths from Ambleside right through to Keswick. Those inclined to set off with the objective of reaching another summit can be spoilt for choice. However for those who are less adventurous or if you're like me and have children who "do not want to go for another walk this week", occasionally we like to do something a little different.

This year anyone with at least a moderate sense of exploration can enjoy the lakes and support the Calvert Trust by trying to complete the Herdwick Trail. This is a really entertaining public art trail which stretches from Bowness to Keswick with the objective of finding 60 individually decorated life size Herdwick sheep and 48 lambs. These have been painted and positioned throughout the lakes but within easy reach of anyone as they are predominantly located within the town centres of Keswick, Grasmere, Ambleside, Windermere and Bowness. A donation of £4 for maps and an activity book pointed us in the right direction and its fair to say that my boys have had hours of fun trying to find them. Yesterday we spent a full day in Keswick trying to track them all down and the sense of achievement my boys had made for a very enjoyable day. We are already looking forward to making a trip to Grasmere and Ambleside next week to find some more.

The sheep and their lambs will be there throughout the summer until the 4th September before they are auctioned off to raise further money for the charity. So if you fancy a day out in the Lakes, doing something a little different whilst supporting a very good charity why not have a go?

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