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Client Stories... Jane Routledge

Hotelier looking for a company pension scheme

Jane is the HR manager of a large hotel in the Lake District. She was disappointed with the sales rep of a national chain who were supposed to be managing the company pension scheme. They were full of promises in order to get the business in the first place but had never delivered the support they had promised.

Being in the hospitality trade, the turnover of staff is seasonal and relatively high so you can imagine the nightmare she was having in keeping on top of the pension scheme membership. The sales rep was not responding to her concerns that members were not being registered on time and or even that maybe the product provider was not the best one available.

She met our Financial Planner at a women’s networking event and asked her to come and have a look at what was in place. Immediately it was obvious that by comparing with other scheme providers we could get the costs down for the members and therefore improve the value of their investment. Not only that, we could offer advice surgeries and ongoing support that would completely take the hassle factor out of the equation. We have also been able to recommend salary exchange to some of the staff to make the most of the tax benefits available to them.

FMB took care of eveything and the hotel is extremely happy with the scheme, the members have regular surgeries with the Financial Planner where they can share their concerns or seek advice about other matters. Some of them have become clients as a result, especially the senior members of the team who have more complex financial needs.

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