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Ducks in a Row Workshop - Casterton School Pavilion

Saturday 19 March 2016, 10.00am - 11.30am

This is not a tedious investment seminar… we normally run our events for the over 55’s, and we know that we’ve helped them improve their financial health, but in all honesty, we believe that if we could have helped sooner, the benefits could have been even greater. So we’ve decided to take a different approach this time.

We’re aiming this workshop at people in the prime of life, aged between 30 and 45 so we can offer some guidance on what you need to do at this critical time in your financial life to put yourself in the most favourable position for the future. Some things you can do yourself, other actions require professional help.

What you will learn:

  • The key financial pitfalls for you
  • Some honest truths (sorry, you might not like this bit!)
  • What information you need to collect
  • Some tax tips you might have missed – you probably will like this bit
  • Why you need a will and why you need to do it properly
  • 5 key things to do in the next 5 days

What you will take away:

  • Financial health checklist and fact-finding tool
  • £150 voucher towards your first financial plan with FMB
  • £50 voucher towards your will with Vincent’s Solicitors
  • A promise that we won’t pester you with any tedious sales follow-ups (unless you ask us to!)

Would you like to get your ducks in a row?

Then be sure to join us for our workshop. We will start with breakfast sandwiches before Roger Jackson, Certified Financial Planner at FMB and Lisa Lodge, Solicitor at Vincent’s Garstang get on with the 'important stuff'. They will also be available for any questions at the end.

"A few years ago these things were beginning to keep me awake at night; children, new house with a bigger mortgage, saving enough for the future and that unspoken worry about something happening to me or my partner. To top it off, neither of us had a will - which is a shocking admission for someone who works with solicitors as much as I do!

After child number two we finally got the wills in place, plus some insurance, and more recently we used FMB’s cashflow modelling tools to look at our future financial plans in more detail in order to make sure we are getting the balance of spending and saving right. It’s a good feeling getting our ducks in a row, and I feel confident that when our plans get stress tested, we can stay on track." Ruth Power, FMB Director of Business Development.

To book places:

To book your place(s), you can do this easily online by clicking here. Alternatively, you can call Rebecca or Ruth at the FMB office on 01539 725855.

The Pavilion and the designated parking area for the event is highlighted on the map below. Click on the PDF to view.

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