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FMB’s HR Director, Gill Forrester, gets to see the Paralympics in all its glory…

Posted Thursday, 13 September 2012, 11.24am

Over August and September, we saw London being taken over, once again, for another of the most amazing events that this country will ever see, The London 2012 Paralympic Games. This year’s Games conjured phenomenal sport and some amazing wins for the extremely talented Team GB, with a staggering medal count of 120; 34 of which Gold.

Whilst most of us were sat at home catching up on the highlights, FMB’s Director of HR & Compliance, Gill Forrester, got the chance of a lifetime to volunteer at The Games, seeing the Olympic Village in its entirety and getting to see what the cameras didn’t. Gill describes the whole experience as “amazing” and says that she is “honoured to have been a part of the most well organized event that the country has put on for a great number of years, if not ever!”

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