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A huge well done to "Team FMB"...

Posted Wednesday, 14 May 2014, 3.45pm

The team's medals and certificates

A huge congratulations to “Team FMB” for their amazing efforts taking part in this year’s Keswick to Barrow (K2B) sponsored walk.

40 miles in itself is by no means an easy feat... to make it worse, the weather wasn’t particularly kind and the team saw themselves battling the elements whilst taking on some rather challenging terrain. This came as quite a shock to the system for some of the team members who hadn’t taken part in anything of this nature before and had been training for the event on much flatter ground - and in a lot drier conditions.

With the exception of one of the team members unfortunately having to pull out due to injury at the halfway point, the remainder of the team battled through to the finish line where they received their timecards, medals and best of all – a hot cuppa!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support; it has meant so much to the team, FMB and also Sandgate Hydrotherapy Pool – our chosen charity who will receive our donations.

The pool is used by many local groups including children, the elderly, people with mobility issues or special needs and those recovering from illness and injury. Partly sustained by council funding, the pool relies heavily on money raised by the trust to stay open. With being a local business, we wanted to support a local charity - the Hydrotherapy Pool has helped and continues to help so many local people it was an ideal candidate for our help. The pool has been our charity of choice for the last year or so and we will continue to support them throughout 2014.

FMB Staff results

Liz Beavis - 10:40:22
Irene Davis - 11:25:28
Katie Johnson - 12:53:58
Chris Hill - 12:54:01

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