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When choosing professional connections to work with it is important you know about them, their ethos and how they work.

An informed choice

You need to feel confident that FMB will do a good job for your clients and trust us to look after them in the same way you would.

Expertise and training

Our advisers undertake training to help them identify the issues you may come across in the course of your client meetings. We also hold seminars on a regular basis around financial issues and innovations in the industry that can help increase your knowledge and understanding of what we can do for your clients.

We can help keep you informed about the kinds of clients we help and instances where you might spot a need for financial advice, especially useful for less experienced members of your team. It usually helps if we can see clients before issues grow into problems. For example, if we can look at pension sharing early during divorce proceedings the greater the likelihood of a fair settlement

Best outcomes for your clients

Our philosophy is based on working with other professional connections to create the best outcomes for all our clients. Often we hold joint meetings, good financial planning will always include the review of wills, trusts and the creation of LPAs. In order to maximise tax allowances close liaison with tax advisers and accountants is crucial.

Complete independence

When you do refer a client to us, it may be helpful to know we are “Independent” under FCA categorisation which has recently been reclassified. This means we provide independent advice based on a comprehensive and fair market analysis.

Our independent approach is valued highly by clients. What we offer, although based on core principles can be tailored to each client and is therefore a truly bespoke service.

A hands-on approach

Our service proposition means that we are working with clients all year round, keeping in contact via phone, email and in person. Financial Planning practices in general have very good client retention rates because of this. At FMB we have had the majority of our clients for more than 10 years and some have been with us since the 1980s when we started out. This is where we can add value to the services that local solicitors, accountants and other professionals provide by reinforcing the relationship between us all.

Our relationship with professionals

We can tailor our involvement to suit your needs, in some cases we work out of other offices to meet with mutual clients with or without representatives from firms present. Some firms prefer a light touch approach but we would always ask clients for permission for us to share financial plans with you if we felt it was relevant and helpful.

Managing risk

As you can imagine, our business is focused heavily on managing risk. We have strict compliance controls in place and PI insurance to manage this risk and we have to prove this in order to maintain our right to be authorised by the FCA.

We can work alongside your own in-house IFA

Some solicitors and Accountants do have in-house financial advice departments. This can make it difficult to comply with the terms of the Trustee Act of 2000. It’s important for professionals who are acting as a Trustee to remember they cannot refer business to an IFA if they already have an interest in that business. We can provide a second option for you to make sure there is no conflict of interest.

Keeping in touch

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