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A strong ethos and investment philosophy – We’re committed to helping you find financial security through our tried and tested processes…

Although we’re nice people, that’s not enough to bring clients successful results. Over the years we’ve developed an investment philosophy and ethos that has been incorporated into our processes, training and recommendations using rigorous and disciplined processes.

Financial Planners, not Fund Managers

We look at your goals and plan a route to achieve them, rather than simply looking for a suitable investment for a pot of cash. Our strength lies in planning the overarching investment strategy, monitoring and determining risk and reward. We outsource the day-to-day management of assets through a variety of solutions depending on your requirements.

We focus on ‘time in the market’

We've also learnt that investors are far more concerned with not losing money than they are in outperforming an arbitrary benchmark. We don't try to 'time the market' - very few managers in history have managed to time the market consistently. Instead, we aim for 'time in the market' - this long-term view fits with our philosophy and experience of clients' wishes.

Avoiding burnt fingers

Of course, we read every day about institutions and investors getting their fingers burnt. We've looked at the research and the conclusion is clear - asset allocation and compounding is the single most important driver of investment returns.

Want the details? Read more about how we achieve this in our Financial Guides below.

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