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You don't need to be a huge PLC to have complex needs...

We work with businesses and business owners all the time, even small business, who have share structures and ownership issues that would cause them a problem should anything happen to one of the shareholders. This is even more true in family businesses where spouses are reliant on income from the business. Farms are a classic example.

Even if your major shareholders are not related, how would you feel if you knew you had no way of buying your business partner's shares, leaving his or her family in a potentially precarious position?

Even if personal life cover is in place, what would happen to those shares in your business? Do you have a written agreement as to what is to happen? If you can't afford to buy them where will they end up? How would you retain control of your business?

FMB can provide the answers to all those questions and help you and your partners plan for the worst.

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