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Financial planning is about working together and looking at your finances as a whole. Many people try and tackle their finances on a piecemeal basis and miss out on benefits they could have through a holistic and expert approach.

Like most of our clients, you might just want to know that you will have enough money to achieve your life goals; retire comfortably or buy that dream holiday home. You don’t want to take enormous risks to achieve them either; there’s no need for your investment graph to look like the Himalayas. At FMB, our sole aim is to give you piece of mind with a level of risk that suits you.

The FMB Financial Health Check

In order for us to be able to get the ‘bigger picture’ with your finances, there are many areas that will be addressed when you appoint us as your financial planning advisors. These are covered in our financial health check checklist below:

Your issues, goals and situation - An update by you on issues requiring attention such as a change in your circumstances or new ideas.

Strategic Review - An update by your FMB Financial Planner on recommended changes to your investment strategy.

Investment Review - Looking back on the last 12 months’ performance.

Investment Action Plan - Looking forward and identifying any changes required to your investment strategy.

Savings and Debt Review - Reviewing your interest rates and debt structuring arrangements.

Taxation Update - Reviewing opportunities and threats created by changes to taxation law.

Pensions Update - Reviewing opportunities and threats created by changes to pension law.

Insurance Review - Providing a check of current levels of cover and policy wording.

Estate Planning Review - Ensuring your estate planning wishes are current and legally valid.

'Remove the Hassle' Service - Sorting through any paperwork that confuses you.

Family Review - Discussing any financial issues affecting your family such as university fees or house deposits.

Professional Update - Providing professional updates to your accountant and other advisors.

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Our clients say…

  • Roger has provided a friendly and professional service. It has all been handled efficiently and I have complete confidence in the advice that Roger provided and in the decisions made.

  • Nice friendly service: Philip is approachable and helpful, explaining everything in simple terms. Mum was delighted to receive the flowers on her birthday, typical of the "family" feeling generated by FMB.

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