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What are your life goals? Like most of our clients you might just want to save up enough money to be able to retire comfortably. Alternatively it might be to buy that dream holiday home or fund your child’s university fees. But how do you know how much is enough? And how can it be calculated?

Cashflow modelling is an extremely powerful tool which plays a vital part in the financial planning process. It can:

  • Provide you with a roadmap to achieving your financial aims and objectives.
  • Demonstrate whether you are likely to achieve your goals or what changes need to be made to keep you on track.
  • How certain events or situations might affect your plans.
  • Help you to put contingencies in place such as protection through insurance policies or by simply building up a contingency fund.

To make sure you are still on the right path to your goals, we will revisit your model periodically as part of our review process. Here we can plot actual progress against your goal target and make any adjustments if necessary.

How the process works

Although the factfinding process can seem fairly longwinded, it is important to have as much information as possible to be able to provide accurate forecasting.

Once we have compiled and entered the information for the first time, it is a relatively simple process to keep the details up to date and current.

What if I am not on target to reach my goals?

If your goals are a bit out of reach – don’t worry, there are lots of things that can be tweaked to try and get you on the right track. The tool’s flexibility allows us to demonstrate what difference a little tweak here and there can make over the long-term. It might be that you need to take a little bit more risk with your investment strategy, put a little bit more away each month or cut out some of the luxury spending. And the sooner you know about the situation, the more time you have to make the necessary adjustments to sort it out.

What else can the tool do?

The effects of inflation and the growth of investments can be factored in as well as lifestyle changes such as retirement, a child going to university or leaving the nest and ceasing to be a dependent.

The tool can also be used for disaster planning to demonstrate the effect certain circumstances would have on your lifestyle and goals:

  • Would you be able to cope if the main breadwinner had an accident and could no longer work?
  • How would you pay the mortgage if you were to become critically ill?

Different scenarios can then be displayed side by side to see the effects that these changes will make to your expected position.

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