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A special empathy with female clients – A friendly and sympathetic ear is always available from our female financial experts…

Over the years we have gained a reputation for our special empathy with our female clients. Statistically, most women will outlive their husbands, so we tend to meet more widows than widowers. In addition, because women tend to take more career breaks to raise families, we often find there can be a shortfall in female pensions. Divorce can also pose particular financial difficulties for many women.

All of our advisers are experienced to deal with bereavement, pension and divorce issues. However, some clients prefer to speak to a female financial planner. Almost half of our financial planners are female, so there will always be someone on hand to provide a sympathetic ear and empathy for matters that directly affect women.

Read the client story below to see how we helped Mrs Philips when she was widowed.

A sympathetic ear and friendly advice is always on hand...
Call us on: 01539 725855

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  • Did you know...

    80% of women outlive their husbands.

    On average women will survive their husbands by fifteen years.

    Nearly half of women over the age of 40 who live with a partner have no pension of their own.

    Only one-third of women over sixty-five are married.

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