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  • 06 November 2020

    Let's Talk Money...

    By FMB

    This week is Talk Money Week, a campaign created by The Money and Pensions Service to try and encourage people to talk openly about money to improve their financial wellbeing. This is a campaign which we really support as, even in 2020,

  • 02 November 2020

    Trust Registration Rules Are Changing

    By FMB

    Previously, Trusts only needed to be registered with HMRC’s online Trust Registration Service (TRS) if they generated a tax consequence. But new rules, introduced to tackle money laundering as part of the EU Fifth Anti-Money Laundering

  • 30 October 2020

    1000 Word Financial Plan

    By FMB

    Sometimes we have to put together case studies for competitions and awards. It's hard to describe what we do and just how powerful it can be, but in this abridged version of a financial plan you can begin to see how useful working with a

  • 13 October 2020

    5 Steps to Improving Your Wellbeing...

    By Rebecca Wilson

    At FMB, we often talk about wellbeing, both with our clients and our staff and most of our events are linked with improving our wellbeing in one way or another:-

    • Nordic Walking taster classes
    • ‘The Psychology of Retirement’ seminar with
  • The Personal Finance Society has introduced a set of principles which we have signed up to. After meeting the standards we are able to call ourselves an Associate Firm.

    You an find out about the Personal Finance Society and what it means

  • A bit like the word "love" or "nice", the word "risk" can be rather meaningless without any context.

    We talk about risk with clients, probably at every meeting and I hope we explain it well, but it's always worth a reminder. Also, it

  • In addition to organising your finances to ensure your assets are protected for your loved ones on your death, estate planning also encompasses ensuring you have enough money to live on; it is a tenuous balance for many. A good starting

  • Recent data* on flexible payments from pensions shows that in Q1 2020, almost £2.5bn was withdrawn from pensions – a 19% increase on Q1 2019 withdrawals, and the highest recorded Q1 of any year since pensions freedoms began. Although the

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