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  • Have you ever really taken a close look at what you have? I mean everything.

    At FMB we are Financial Planners. This means we look at the whole picture, your goals and aspirations, assets, liabilities, health and family situation. We don’t just sell you a product or invest some money. Do you need a financial planner? Well obviously I would say yes! However, if you have the

  • Do you know what your options will be at retirement?

    If you are coming up to retirement and currently have a PMI policy through work you might be wondering whether to carry on with a policy yourself. Read on...

    Private medical insurance (PMI) is a crucial part of a long term retirement strategy that requires careful consideration because your health is equally as vital

  • Blog by Financial Planner Jon Palser, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society

    One of our clients has been religiously putting money in a pension for years… but not for himself. He already had more than enough wealth to see him through.

    It’s fairly common for parents and grandparents who can afford to gift money, to give it to children under 18, maybe with a view to buying

  • This week at FMB has been a great time for getting me ready for the future. The importance of work experience is undeniably, well… important!

    Here are the main reasons why work experience has been so important:

    1. Firstly, if I wanted to go down the financial route then this will attract employers as I’ve experienced the sector already. Giving me a better chance than

  • The Wisdom of Crowds, a 2004 book written by James Surowiecki, looks at the psychology and behaviour of crowds and draws the conclusion that the decisions made by groups are often better and more accurate than those made by any individual member.

    This model can be applied to the physical behaviour of crowds, say in busy spaces like bars and clubs but also to knowledge.

  • Can you actually put a price on it?

    When FMB was founded in 1987, the “financial advice” industry was new. The focus was on selling products and what products could give the best returns. For many consumers this is still their reason for seeking financial advice and how they are inclined to judge its results.

    However, *research has shown that there are five areas where

  • 30 May 2019

    Pension Transfer Gold Standard

    By FMB

    In the wake of the pension transfer scandal at Tata Steel, where some FCA regulated advisers gave poor advice to steelworkers, the damage to the profession has been frustrating for firms like FMB who abide by an ethical code which puts clients first. The Personal Finance Society (the financial advice arm of the Chartered Insurance Institute) has been working with its

  • 28 May 2019

    When Can I Afford to Retire?

    By FMB

    The date we retire has become very significant for a number of reasons. We are all living longer, so our finances need to provide for us for longer too. At some point we will pick that date where we'll leave full-time employment and be reliant on our pensions and other investments to support us and help us enjoy our chosen lifestyle in retirement. Not many people can find

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