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  • The next instalment of our 'A Day in the Life of' series sees Rebecca Wilson walk us through a typical day as FMB's Marketing Co-ordinator...

    "After dropping my son at nursery, I make my way to the office. First things first, I make myself a coffee (a morning essential!) and head to my desk to start working my way through emails and flag any that require attention. I have

  • 01 November 2019

    Why seek financial advice?

    By FMB

    A new publication by Aegon dropped into my inbox this week. It's designed to encourage consumers to take financial advice. With access to so much information on-line you might wonder how there is still a market for face to face advice, but as the sign in some GP practices points out; "Don't confuse your Google search with my medical degree!", the same applies.

    The booklet

  • What better way to get to know your colleagues than a 24 mile walk? We asked Charlie to tell us about her experience of the Ullswater Way Challenge last weekend.

    "I've barely been at FMB a few weeks, but I had the opportunity to join in with some of the team for their attempt at the Ullswater Way Challenge. It seemed a great opportunity to get to know the team better

  • But it's not about how much you have!

    It always fascinates me listening to other couples talking about how they manage their finances. That is, if they are willing to share; talking about money is almost as taboo as talking about your sex life! But why is that? It strikes me that there is a correlation between a successful relationship and making financial arrangements

  • 23 October 2019

    A Day in the Life of... FMB's Managing Director

    By Liz Beavis

    The next instalment of our 'A Day in the Life of' series sees Liz Beavis walk us through a typical day as FMB's Managing Director...

    "I usually arrive at the office by 8.30 am and make a start sorting through my many emails. Even though I keep tabs on them from home, I often find it easier to respond from my desk. As the day goes on, I probably get a bit too caught up

  • The next instalment of our 'A Day in the Life of' series sees Chris Binks walk us through a typical day as FMB's Client Services Supervisor...

    "I set off from Appleby at 8 am and usually arrive at the office around 8:45 am. I make myself a cup of tea and start checking through my emails.

    Once all of the team have arrived, we sit down for a chat to discuss what tasks we

  • The next instalment of our 'A Day in the Life of' series sees Ruth Power walk us through a typical day as FMB's Director of Business Development...

    "Most days start with e-mails. I subscribe to some financial bloggers and publications to keep abreast of what is happening so I can use the knowledge in our marketing. Usually, there are some e-mails to action, usually around

  • 26 September 2019

    FMB's very own Macmillan Game Heroes

    By FMB

    At FMB we encourage each team member to use a working day for good. Some ideas have been to volunteer in local schools or use their time as part of their role as trustees and governors. Four of our team had an unusual suggestion we were happy to support!

    Game Heroes is a 24-hour gaming challenge to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. Ali Owen, Ali Brown, Patrick

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