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  • 25 February 2020

    Pension Allowance Breaches Surge...

    By FMB

    HMRC data has revealed a significant increase in the total value of pension contributions exceeding the annual allowance, with more and more people falling foul of the complex rules and regulations.

    The latest personal pension statistics, which cover 2017/18, show a staggering 26,550 people reported contributions exceeding the £40,000 annual allowance in their

  • All companies have a budget for marketing and FMB is no different. We took a view some years ago, not to use it to pay for listings on external websites. We do have a free listing on Unbiased, the portal for consumers. This is a website to find a financial adviser which is often pointed out by journalists at the end of a feature about personal finance, for example in the

  • 20 February 2020

    A safe bet?

    By FMB

    The government has announced that it is going to lower the Premium Bond rate from 1.4% to 1.3% from May.

    For many years it was a given that it was worth having some investment in National Savings. The tax treatment was favourable and they were a safe haven for your money. The return of 1.4% seemed fairly comparable to many deposits.

    Several things have changed:-

    1. They
  • Money! But it's not about how much you have!

    It always fascinates me listening to other couples talking about how they manage their finances. That is if they are willing to share; talking about money is almost as taboo as talking about your sex life! But why is that? It strikes me that there is a correlation between a successful relationship and making financial

  • On Thursday, FMB Directors Ruth Power and Gill Forrester were among the 350 advisers and other members of the financial services community packed into The Brewery in Central London for the 2020 Professional Adviser Awards. 

    After being shortlisted for three awards, we were absolutely ecstatic to come away with the prestigious title of 'North West Adviser Firm of the Year'

  • 11 February 2020

    The Green Shoots of Spring?

    By FMB

    As we enter a new decade, the global economy seems to be precariously balanced. Although recent data supports this pessimistic prognosis, forecasters suggest 2020 is set to observe a recovery.

    Global growth rates

    Gross domestic product (GDP) data for the third quarter of 2019, highlighted a continuing decline in global growth. In the US, GDP grew at an annualised rate of

  • 11 February 2020

    The Evolution of Ethical Investing...

    By FMB

    Ethical investment has traversed into the mainstream, as people increasingly choose to allocate their investable funds toward companies whose values and practices align with their personal beliefs, whether they be environmental, social, religious, or political. Some investors may choose to eliminate specific industries or allocate to other sectors which meet their ethical

  • 11 February 2020

    State Pension Top-ups Surge...

    By FMB

    Figures recently released by HMRC have revealed a sharp rise in voluntary National Insurance Contributions (NICs) over the past couple of years as people seek to top up their State Pension record.

    Chance to boost your pension

    In 2018/19, the total value of voluntary ‘Class 3’ NICs amounted to £119.3m; in comparison, the figure was £12.8m in 2016/17 – a nine-fold increase

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