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  • 18 June 2021

    What's over the Economic Horizon?

    By FMB

    Brexit uncertainty has been holding the UK economy back, but the UK has a good track record with some excellent companies. The city always thought a trade deal would happen as it was in the UK and EU’s best interests. UK underperformance was ending but the lockdown last year had an immediate and deep effect on the UK FTSE 100, due to the prevalence of mining, oil and

  • NHS waiting times - What are the facts and what are your options?

    It has been widely documented that the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a significant backlog in elective surgery and specialist care that may well take years to resolve.

    The NHS will of course continue to prioritise life-saving care but the harsh reality is that many more people are going to have to live

  • Our financial planning story...

    Director of Business Development, Ruth Power, shares her story on how working with a financial planner has helped her and her family.

    "We like to practice what we preach. Financial Planning isn’t about products and investments (although they play an important role), it’s about having a mentor to help you make decisions and weigh up the

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