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  • FMB has a good history of endeavouring to be a responsible business. When we were established in 1987, the purpose was to bring financial guidance to the local community in the small rural village where we began. The ethos was always to get good financial outcomes for our clients as they were our neighbours and friends. To thrive in a small community, you must be

  • 12 May 2023

    How times have changed…

    By FMB

    At a recent meeting with one of our Planners, Alice, one of our clients brought in some rather old paperwork that she had found whilst sorting out her father’s property after he died last year. The documents were for some Royal London Whole of Life insurance policies that her grandmother had taken out for her father, after he was born.

    Back in those days, before the days

  • 11 May 2023

    Our Chosen Charity for 2023

    By FMB

    Earlier in the year we asked the team to choose a local charity to support for 2023. From a shortlist of 5 very worthy local charities, we chose Springfield Domestic Abuse Support, a Kendal based charity.

    Springfield is a specialist organisation committed to delivering high quality support to victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

    Their services include:

    • Dedicated
  • 03 May 2023

    How to create a family budget

    By FMB

    Setting a budget is an important part of managing family finances. Here are the steps to follow to set a budget for your family's finances:

    1. Determine your income: Start by calculating the total income of all family members contributing to the household income.
    2. Track expenses: Keep track of all family expenses for a month or two. This will help you identify where your
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