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  • 18 October 2022

    Keeping investment emotions in check

    By FMB

    While Rudyard Kipling may not have been thinking about investments when he penned his famous poem ‘If’, some of the words will certainly resonate with investors at the moment. The current investment landscape undoubtedly presents a challenge, even for experienced investors, but those who can keep their head when all about are losing theirs definitely have the best chance

  • 12 October 2022

    Retire early – repent at leisure?

    By FMB

    It is the dream of many to retire early. Indeed, 270,000 people in their 50s and 60s left the UK workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

    Concerns about retirement poverty

    However, two thirds of people aged 50–70 who quit work or lost their job during the pandemic left the workforce earlier than expected*. This means that

  • 12 October 2022

    Pensions round-up

    By FMB

    Recently released research* suggests UK consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about pensions and prepared to take a greater role in preparing for retirement. Other research**, however, shows significant sums are still sat in ‘lost’ pensions, while experts have warned about potential pension-related problems as the cost-of-living crisis bites.

    Pensions knowledge

  • 11 October 2022

    Pausing pensions could be costly

    By FMB

    Analysis* has revealed that reducing or stopping pension contributions, even for a relatively short period of time such as a year, can have a significant impact on your final pension pot, with savers potentially being thousands of pounds less well off in retirement. Almost all (93%) of those surveyed said they are feeling the impact of increasing costs and inflation.

  • 07 October 2022

    Improve your wellbeing

    By FMB

    On Monday 10th October it is World Mental Health Day so we thought it would be fitting to talk about wellbeing; what elements contribute to your wellbeing and some ways it can be improved.

    At FMB, we often talk about wellbeing, both with our clients and our staff and most of our events are linked with improving our wellbeing in one way or another:-

    • Interior Design
  • 05 October 2022

    A move towards ‘living legacies’

    By FMB

    Over-55s are increasingly looking to help their families out financially while they are still alive, rather than leaving everything in the form of an inheritance. Research* has revealed a trend towards ‘living legacies’, due to increased life expectancy pushing up the average age at which younger generations inherit from their parents. People born in the 1980s are now

  • 05 October 2022

    Your financial wellbeing hub

    By FMB

    The past couple of years have undoubtedly been a challenge for us all but, by pulling together, we have managed to get though an extraordinarily difficult period of time. Now, as we emerge into the post-COVID economy, we face a different set of challenges which, in their own way, appear no less daunting. One thing though does stay the same – we’re still here, by your side,

  • 03 October 2022

    Financial Planning Week 2022

    By FMB

    This week is 2022 UK Financial Planning Week (03-09 October). The annual campaign, organised by the not-for profit professional body the CISI, is a nationwide initiative aiming to help consumers build financial confidence, combat anxiety and stress about money and deal with life’s challenges around day-to-day financial decisions.

    Financial Planning Week is such a valued

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