Money doesn’t grow on trees!

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Every year, around this time in my village of Kirkby in Furness, there is what has become a traditional fun event aimed at families, but much loved by all. This year it involves 96 households, placing an unusual article ‘on show’ in their garden, for the curious to wander around, peering into hedges and bushes to spot the object. The results are duly logged on a competition sheet that has been purchased for 50p each and the proceeds go towards the Gala, with the winner being announced on Gala Day.

On Sunday, we visited friends for a bite to eat and as we entered their drive a Money Tree was in plain view, each branch sporting a splendid little bag containing some loose change. I enquired if they were growing it for the leader of a well-known political party!

The idiom of a money tree is said to have its roots (sorry!) in Chinese culture and was something often quoted to me as a child.

This led me to think of other sayings or superstitions linked to money. Here are just a few:

  • According to Palmistry and Hand Analysis, an itchy right palm is said to be a sign that you are about to receive money. It is also said that if you scratch it, it will stop the money from coming into your life. On the other hand, (sorry again!) an itchy left palm is said that you are about to lose money. If however, you rub your left palm with a piece of wood, this is said to protect your assets.
  • According to the Greeks, it is considered bad luck to completely empty your pockets, wallet or bank account, which could explain a lot, given what was said to be a reluctance of the Greeks to pay tax in the Global crisis!
  • A superstition thought to be bad Feng Shui advises that you should not place your purse or wallet on the floor, as this is said to be a disregard and disrespect of money. Practically, it also makes it easier for a sneak thief to steal a bag containing a purse or wallet from the floor.
  • Finally, and one that causes the most humour, is the superstition that says money will come your way if a bird poops on your head! This has happened to me on more than one occasion, leaving me to be very grateful that cows don’t fly!
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