You don't need a superhero, just a long term strategy!

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Whether or not you can afford to lose money, most people would prefer not to. So, as long as we have been helping people with their finances, we have been having the same conversations about investing. (That’s over 30 years in case you are interested!) But we are not Superheroes with special powers. If someone promises you inside the inside track they might just be “The Joker”

These are the key points:-

• No one can guarantee investment returns, we’re not in Gotham now!
• The better the returns, the more risk you will likely have to take
• Unless you are Dr. Strange, there is no magic formula for timing the market
• The more time you have to invest the better, which probably worked well for Captain America
• Putting all your eggs in one basket is risky so diversify
• You can leave it in cash but inflation might be a problem

So, does recent uncertainty and turbulence change any of that advice? Not a bit. Whatever the outcomes of Brexit, Chinese trade wars or US government shutdown, we will still be saying the same things. To be fair recent current affairs do rather resemble the latest Marvel movie, but sit tight. You don’t need a superhero just a long term strategy.

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