A Day in the Life of... FMB's Director of Financial Planning

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Caption: Roger Jackson, FMB's Director of Financial Planning

The next instalment of our 'A Day in the Life of' series sees Roger Jackson walk us through a typical day as FMB's Director of Financial Planning...

"I arrive at the office just after 9am after dropping my children at school and nursery. I’ve already checked and cleared my emails first thing from home, so I’m able to get straight into the day ahead.

As the Director of Financial Planning, I manage the team of Financial Planners alongside our Managing Director, Liz Beavis. I am also a Financial Planner which involves helping clients efficiently manage their finances and building foundations for a secure future. I usually have around four or five client appointments per week and as you can imagine, there is a lot of time required to prepare for these to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly and is as productive and beneficial for the client as possible. This is where my Relationship Manager, Richard Davies, comes in. He is my right-hand man and does an awful lot of the work and preparation but receives very little of the praise. We spend a lot of time throughout the day discussing upcoming meetings and ongoing work. Once the meeting has taken place, I will spend around an hour writing up any notes when I get back to the office and will then have a hand-over meeting with Richard for him to assist with any work as a result.

I tend to spend a lot of time throughout the day on the phone, either chatting with clients or speaking to members of the team who need help with a query. I regularly sit down with the Financial Planners to act as a sounding board on some of their more complex cases. The team as a whole work very closely to enhance the client experience and to ensure that everything runs seamlessly. This collaborative approach ensures that we are utilising the experience and expertise of our team and helps to achieve better outcomes for our clients.

The four directors regularly get together to discuss the wider business planning and keep an eye on the forecasts. Keeping a close eye on the pulse of the business gives us a competitive edge and makes sure we’re always at the cutting edge of the industry.

When I'm not busy with the above, I might be representing FMB at events; either speaking, networking, or presenting on various topics.”

Roger Jackson, Director of Financial Planning

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