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I was really interested to see how our communications had been received, since we couldn’t see clients face to face. We have been picking up the phone, using every video app available, sending e-mails and even resorting to the postal system.

Average scores across the board for telephone, letter and e-mail communications were all 8.5/10 or higher, with telephone calls being especially welcome. Often people did need advice about finance, but in many cases they also really welcomed a friendly chat and being kept up to date.

Our “Message from Liz Beavis” e-mail right at the start of lockdown had the highest open rate of any e-mail we have sent at 63%, which is incredible when you think of all the e-mails in your in-tray and how many you have time to read. Open rates have remained relatively high throughout this time.

It is interesting that some clients were still concerned about the impact on the environment with paper communications, but rest assured it was a temporary measure and in actual fact was very well received by the majority. At least with widespread recycling these days hopefully the impact is minimal.

We have a wide range of clients all ages and sometimes it’s hard to make everything relevant and accessible and you can’t make any assumptions; some of our most active clients on social media are in the “mature” bracket. Some of our clients like to know a lot about the economy and financial news, for others it’s not at all interesting. Obviously we want to work on tailoring the e-mails you receive to make sure they are as relevant as possible. We are really pleased that all our communications were well received and how lovely that Halecat Sculpture Trail got some bookings because of our e-mail. If we can help other local businesses too and support our local community it’s even better.

We asked what video apps you had used; Zoom and WhatsApp were clear winners and it’s great that we have all had to learn these things because I think they are going to be really useful for quite some time. You can join us on Zoom for our next Coffee and Conversation session on Monday September 14th where the topic of discussion will be movie and TV recommendations! Just drop me an e-mail for a link So it doesn’t matter if you live miles away or if you are still shielding, you can come and have a chat!

Here is a selection of quotes from the survey...

Communications with your Planner – either just for a chat or a remote meeting

  • As happened in our case, it was helpful to have some prior communications via the FMB portal so that we and our Planner could prepare for our virtual meeting. That worked particularly well. Also, an initial phone call with our Planner to confirm we remained comfortable with our key investments.
  • It was great to have the opportunity of a chat and we really appreciated it.
  • Communication continued from you in a structured manner and we were still able to raise any queries and receive responses in a timely manner. Use of Zoom was also effective.
  • Did well working under extreme conditions.
  • As always first class even though he supports Blackburn rovers

Letters from FMB

  • Lovely to receive letters during this time. Very warm and friendly content yet professional
  • We really liked the personal touch.
  • Very good, personal and could tell from a local company as opposed to a national company.
  • Useful and reassuring.
  • Just nice to be kept in touch when all around is going mad.

Emails from FMB

  • Extremely useful to have some instant communications on specific items when the financial landscape is changing and rapidly so.
  • It was good to know that despite the crisis, you were still trying to keep focus and keep customer confidence.
  • Made us feel part of a “community” and that we mattered on a personal basis

We asked what 3 words you would use to describe FMB

Here were the top ranked words

  • Helpful 45%
  • Reassuring 40%
  • Professional 25%

Amongst other words used were efficient, transparent, thoughtful, dedicated, personal, calming and supportive.

The survey was not only a real boost for all the team with your lovely comments, but it has given us some food for thought as we move forward. It looks as though face to face interactions will be challenging for some time and we need to know what works best for you. Your Planner may well ask more questions about the kind of things that interested you.

Finally, one or two comments needed follow up but the survey was anonymous so we have no way of contacting you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help at all.

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