The secret to why Sue has stayed at FMB for 20 years!

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"I’ve worked at FMB for 20 years and although in many ways our workplace has been transformed by technology, it’s always been a people focused business and as well as doing a great job, we have a lot of fun! For many people, “fun” sadly isn’t the first word that springs to mind when they think of work, especially in an office. Yet there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be - especially when you consider the many benefits of fun in the workplace.

Ensuring you have fun at work makes an enjoyable workplace which is an essential part of maintaining your wellbeing:

  • Fun reduces stress and anxiety
  • Fun motivates and inspires people
  • Fun helps with communication and collaboration which strengthens relationships so staff enjoy the time spent together
  • Fun makes people more creative which in turns creates a positive mindset
  • Fun helps productivity
  • Fun makes people want to give their best to a task which leads to job satisfaction and a healthy atmosphere

Aside from the usual jokes which make the day fun, we build in activities to create opportunities for fun; fundraising days, celebrations for achievements, sports sweepstakes, pumpkin carving, Secret Santa – just little things that brighten up the working day. From small random treats on "Freebie Friday" to our coveted annual "Employee of the Year" award and our peer nominated recognition awards, there are always lots of reasons to celebrate.

As we grow up, work takes over our routine and most parts of our lives, it is therefore so important to be able to have fun and express yourself in a place where you spend so much of your time. I reckon that's the secret to keeping staff happy and motivated for the long-term!"

Sue Walling - FMB Client Services Assistant

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