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Caption: The premium collection "red book" that our client remembers
Caption: One of the old Royal London Whole of Life policy documents

At a recent meeting with one of our Planners, Alice, one of our clients brought in some rather old paperwork that she had found whilst sorting out her father’s property after he died last year. The documents were for some Royal London Whole of Life insurance policies that her grandmother had taken out for her father, after he was born.

Back in those days, before the days of technology, things were obviously done a lot differently. Our client reminisces, “When I was a child, I remember somebody coming with the red book to take payments manually on a regular basis. They were paid up for many years and when Dad died, we received a small sum of money from Royal London, I think in the region of a thousand pounds.”

Our client went on to add, “What’s quite poignant for me is that I never got to meet my grandma because she died at age 45 - 13 years before I was born. I quite like the fact that I have these documents, knowing that she initiated them. And it’s quite fitting that we are now investing in Royal London!”

It was fascinating to see what the old-style insurance policy documents used to look like and to hear about our client’s memories! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

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