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  • With the UK in the midst of a sharp tax-raising drive, understanding the full impact of fiscal changes on investments has arguably never been so critical. One area that has been subject to particularly draconian reductions is Dividend Allowance, with changes in this area likely to have a significant impact on many investors.

    Six-year slide

    The annual tax-free Dividend

  • 11 July 2023

    Striking a balance

    By FMB

    While recent financial challenges have taken their toll on everyone’s pockets, it comes as no surprise that parents are putting concerns about their children’s finances above their own, as highlighted in a recent survey of advisers*.

    Over half (55%) of the advisers surveyed noted that adult children were taking priority in clients’ wealth planning at present, with many

  • Although the global economy continues to face significant headwinds, statistics released during the first few months of this year have revealed unexpected signs of resilience. This has led economists to begin upgrading growth forecasts, while the World Economic Forum’s latest Chief Economists Outlook reported signs of ‘nascent optimism.’

    Growth stronger than expected

  • 20 January 2023

    Supporting your children's future

    By FMB

    With the current generation of graduates typically leaving university with a mountain of debt, it is perhaps unsurprising that so many parents are now looking to ease the burden by investing on their children’s behalf.

    University challenge

    Government statistics show the average debt accumulated by a university student is currently around £45,000. Thankfully, graduates

  • 03 January 2023

    Investment focus for the new year

    By FMB

    By any comparison, the past 12 months have been tough for investors with a series of shocks impacting markets and, as 2023 dawns, uncertainties remain. One constant on the investment horizon, though, is the requirement to be strategic with your portfolio. A sound strategy based on careful planning; making purposeful decisions, based on thorough research and reliable

  • A new investor sentiment survey* shows that, while investors are concerned about both the economic impact of the war in Ukraine and rising inflation, they remain confident about the stock market outlook and are not adjusting their portfolios just yet.

    Two thirds of investors surveyed said they expect the ongoing conflict to result in higher energy prices, while 64% expect

  • 28 June 2022

    Market Update from Rathbones

    By FMB

    We regularly receive market updates from fund managers and investment houses, here is an interesting one from Rathbones Investment Management...

    "At Rathbones, we frequently use stock market options and structured products to build protection into our portfolio. Options are tradable contracts with investment banks that give us the right to ‘buy’ (calls) or ‘sell’ (puts) a

  • By the time we have done our research and written a blog about the current economic situation it is already out of date! It seems that every day there is some new story of doom and gloom. Some news outlets seem to delight in delivering the worst possible version of events.

    However, investing for the long term has many benefits which are easy to forget when there is a

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