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  • By the time we have done our research and written a blog about the current economic situation it is already out of date! It seems that every day there is some new story of doom and gloom. Some news outlets seem to delight in delivering the worst possible version of events.

    However, investing for the long term has many benefits which are easy to forget when there is a

  • An alarming set of data has come to light. Over three million pensioners are holding all of their ISA savings in cash!*

    The analysis highlighted that during the most recent year for which figures were available (2018/19), there were 5.8 million over-65s holding ISAs, valued at just over £305bn in total, the average amount held was £52,500. However, 3.4 million of these

  • New data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Wealth and Assets Survey* has revealed that the largest single component of household wealth is private pension holdings.

    In the latest recorded period (April 2018 to March 2020) pensions represented 42% of aggregate wealth, up from 34% (2006-08), an increase in pension wealth of nearly £70k on average for UK

  • 08 April 2022

    IHT Reporting – Excepted Estates

    By FMB

    Keeping up to date with tax changes can be challenging and you may have missed this one in relation to the reporting of Inheritance Tax (IHT), especially as it’s not something most of us will deal with very often.

    Excepted estates

    The changes came in at the start of the year and apply to the estate of anyone who dies on or after 1 January 2022. Now, before you make a

  • We are delighted to partner with Robert Meacock & Company, a well-respected wealth management company also based in Kendal. Robert will work alongside our experienced team of financial planners so we can share our vast wealth of expertise and experience. Together, we will provide financial planning and wealth management services to people across Cumbria and beyond

  • 08 March 2022

    The Health of the National Health Service

    By Samuel Townsend - IHCS

    A two-tier health care system – the law of supply and demand

    As the NHS continues to try and meet its duty of care to the public, the pandemic is forcing the waiting times to grow and realistically there seems to be no solution in the near future. The NHS Confederation believes that the waiting list could be as high as 6.9 million patients by the end of 2022. In

  • Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve is a very special area of peatland near Witherslack, in South Lakeland. Managed and owned by Cumbria Wildlife Trust, the nature reserve is renowned for the pair of ospreys that return here from west Africa every summer to breed. But there's a lot more to see here than these majestic birds of prey.

    This peaceful nature reserve offers something

  • 28 February 2022

    Round up of Ukraine Commentary

    By FMB

    At FMB we match your investment strategy to your long-term goals. We have discussions about how comfortable you are with the associated risk and volatility.

    Depending on how long you have been an investor, you will have seen the ups and downs over many years. It’s easy for us to say, sit tight and don’t worry. Of course, circumstances can be worrying and here we are

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