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Thursday 20 May 2021, 9.30am - 11.30am

Retirement Readiness Workshop

Caption: We're holding our workshop on Zoom
Caption: Roger Jackson, workshop leader

We run workshops for large employers who may have many employees approaching retirement. Many smaller firms don't have the don't have the numbers of relevant staff to make this a viable option.This session is designed for smaller businesses to enable their employees to access the same level of support. The delegates should be within 10 to 2 years from retirement.

Our online workshop will be made up of delegates from many different firms, but with the same end goal; to achieve a successful and financially secure retirement. It's been working well online, eliminating travel time for everyone spread accross the county.  We are also we are a local company with a 30 year track record, so employees know who we are and trust our knowledge.

Our Director of Financial Planning Roger Jackson delivers the workshop.

What will be covered:-

  • Tax and National Insurance
  • State benefits
  • Different types of personal and company pensions
  • Budgeting
  • Forward planning with cashflow modelling
  • Being prepared for life changes
  • Questions and concerns

To take away:-

  • Downloadable booklet, "Physcology of Retirement"
  • Follow up session with a Financial Planner

The benefits for you:-

  • Helping staff make decisions
  • Staring a conversation early to help you plan

The benefits for your employees:-

  • Peace of mind
  • Taking control and bieng prepared
  • Pyschological readiness

There is no charge for this workshop, so all you need to offer is the time for your employees to join us. Afterwards we provide a follow up hour with a financial planner for each delegate, which is also something you can offer during the working day. In advance of the meeting we send an online questionnaire for our cashflow modelling software, so we can help with some basic planning and make the most of our time together.

You can sign up for your staff or direct them to this page to sign up for themselves.

What's in it for us? There is absolutely no obligation - often the information provided prompts action the delegates can undertake themselves. However, where more detailed planning and investment advice is required, we can of course help them with paid for advice.

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