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Thursday 9 February 2023, 9.30am - 11.00am

How to worry less; an informative online event

Caption: with The Anxiety Slayer, Helen Goad

Zoom event  |  Open to all

We invite you to join us for our online Zoom event with Helen Goad aka The Anxiety Slayer - you don’t need to use your camera or ask any questions if you don’t want to!

It's true that money can be a great source of worry and anxiety - even if you have enough it can still present dilemmas over decisions that need to be made. Some of us have the kind of brain that will replace each worry with another as soon as we find a solution. Perhaps it gets worse as we get older, maybe we have more time on our hands to ruminate?! Whatever the root cause, experiencing worry, anxiety or panic can stop us from enjoying the present or affect our sleep which can have serious health consequences.

We recently met Helen Goad from Penrith who is also known as The Anxiety Slayer. Helen is a therapist who uses a special technique to help people overcome their fears, phobias and panic and teaches them how to control their anxiety.

We have asked Helen to talk exclusively for us about some of the situations she has helped people with. In addition she will give you 3 top tips for worrying less and teach you a powerful, yet simple relaxation technique. She can also help you understand the difference between general worries which are natural and necessary and an actual disorder. This is to enable you to understand the difference for yourself but also for those close to you.

Follow the link to book your place. We will send a zoom link the day before.

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