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  • Money! But it's not about how much you have!

    It always fascinates me listening to other couples talking about how they manage their finances. That is if they are willing to share; talking about money is almost as taboo as talking about

  • On Thursday, FMB Directors Ruth Power and Gill Forrester were among the 350 advisers and other members of the financial services community packed into The Brewery in Central London for the 2020 Professional Adviser Awards. 

    After being

  • 11 February 2020

    The Green Shoots of Spring?

    By FMB

    As we enter a new decade, the global economy seems to be precariously balanced. Although recent data supports this pessimistic prognosis, forecasters suggest 2020 is set to observe a recovery.

    Global growth rates

    Gross domestic product

  • 11 February 2020

    The Evolution of Ethical Investing...

    By FMB

    Ethical investment has traversed into the mainstream, as people increasingly choose to allocate their investable funds toward companies whose values and practices align with their personal beliefs, whether they be environmental, social,

  • 11 February 2020

    State Pension Top-ups Surge...

    By FMB

    Figures recently released by HMRC have revealed a sharp rise in voluntary National Insurance Contributions (NICs) over the past couple of years as people seek to top up their State Pension record.

    Chance to boost your pension

    In 2018/19,

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